Racemic Resolution Agents, Chiral Ligands and Catalysts

Cinchona alkaloids are recognized as a privileged class of compounds being widely used as chiral ligands/ phase transfer catalysts in asymmetric synthesis and in racemic resolution processes. One of the most interesting features of this well-known family of alkaloids is their availability in two pseudo-enantiomeric forms. Cinchona catalysts can therefore provide access to both enantiomers of a required product. In order to satisfy customer´s needs in the manufacturing of chiral molecules, Buchler is offering a broad portfolio of pure chiral compounds.

ProductCAS-No.Chemical Structure
Quinine Base130-95-0Quinine Base - Chemical Structure
Quinidine Base56-54-2Quinidine Base - Chemical Structure
Dihydroquinine Base522-66-7Dihydroquinine Base - Chemical Structure
Dihydroquinidine Base1435-55-8Dihydroquinidine Base - Chemical Structure
Cinchonidine Base485-71-2Cinchonidine Base - Chemical Structure
Cinchonine Base118-10-5Cinchonine Base - Chemical Structure
Dihydrocinchonidine485-64-3Dihydrocinchonidine - Chemical Structure
Dihydrocinchonine485-65-4Dihydrocinchonine - Chemical Structure
Cupreine524-63-0Cupreine - Chemical Structure
Cupreidine70877-75-7Cupreidine - Chemical Structure
Dihydrocupreine5962-19-6Dihydrocupreine - Chemical Structure
Dihydrocupreidine73522-75-5Dihydrocupreidine - Chemical Structure
6`-Aminocinchonidine2143936-34-76`-Aminocinchonidine - Chemical Structure
6`-Aminocinchonine2143936-31-46`-Aminocinchonine - Chemical Structure
6`-Aminodihydrocinchonidine107781-90-86`-Aminodihydrocinchonidine - Chemical Structure
6`-Aminodihydrocinchonine911708-35-56`-Aminodihydrocinchonine - Chemical Structure
Quincorine207129-35-9Quincorine - Chemical Structure
Quincoridine207129-36-0Quincoridine - Chemical Structure
Quinic Acid77-95-2Quinic Acid - Chemical Structure